Engineering and construction with post-stressing and sliding concrete

Since it was founded in 1966, RATIO C.A. has completed more than 1.000 projects for more than 150 customers. These projects include designing and developing, using our own technology.

In short, RATIO C.A. has developing:

  • 2.600.000 M3 of capacity in Water Tanks over land
  • 59.976 M3 of capacity of water tower tanks
  • 645.935 Tons of Storage in Silos
  • 957,40 linear meters in chimney
  • 139.170 M3 in tank's repairs (buildings before 1.967)
Obras Developed

620 post-stressing concrete's tanks over land. Highlights:

  • 11 (eleven) 20.000 M3 of capacity tanks
  • 1 (one) 27.000 M3 of capacity tanks
  • 2 (two) 28.000 M3 of capacity tanks
  • 1 (one) 28.800 M3 of capacity tank
  • 9 (nine) 30.000 M3 of capacity tanks
  • 1 (one) 40.000 M3 of capacity tanks
58 post-stressing concrete's water tower's tanks
14 post-stressing concrete's surge tanks, reaching 857,40 meters of height
2 concrte gas chimnies, reaching 100 metros of height

21 Treatment water plants (Potable water)

20 Treatment water plants (black sewage)
39 Groups of silos. To obtain a total of 645.935 tons of storage
2 Tratment plants of ballast to CORPOVEN
7 Piles & Capitals to the Caracas - La Guaira's viaduct
More than 250.000 M2 of prefabricated roofs to INAVI
More than 1.500 prefabricated housing to INAVI, CVG, ALCASA, BIV and some property development company.
Concrete acomodation buildings to 14.000 workers (Guri Dam)
Hole colums and elevator hole to ABA building (Las Mercedes, Caracas)
6.000 pre-stressed concrete postes to CADAFE
Pre-stressed beams to Puerto Cabello's Dam
Project, supply and installation of Air Conditioned units to instruments room to PEQUIVEN (Morón)
Enlargement of Phase I & II of glass factory Los Andes (FAVIANCA) en Valera
Margarita Island Airport Control Tower
Enlargement furnaces C & D to OWENS ILLINOINS, Los Guayos.
Moving the earth to irrigation sysrtem of Turén.
Civil engineering to treatment and Freezing Plant of Plan IV de SIDOR
Moving the earth in some urban development with services in Nueva Cúa, Altagracia de Orituco and Guaracarumbo
Desing and construction of prefabricated housing to 1.200 people in Dam La Vueltosa, Uribante Caparo System (To the GRIV consortium). (23.000 mts2 of construction development in 5 months)
Civil engineering to CEMENTOS CARIBE (Clinker Silos, Storage Silos, packing and Process buildings, etc)
Concrete buildings to both fermentation and dilution to Consorcio Cervecero del Centro, C.A.
Metallic structure building to Cocimiento del Consorcio Cervecero del Centro, C.A.
Structural project and construction to 21 cinetic scultures from the artist Alejandro Otero
Tanks and refiners to treatment plants to refining process of crude (oil) to SINCOR & HAMACA in Jose, Estado Anzoategui.
Abra Solar from Alejandro Otero in Guri
Consortium LAING-RATIO: Constructionof the Clinic (Hospital) El Avila, in Caracas and the Torre de Oriente de la Entidad de Ahorro y Préstamo de Puerto La Cruz.
With the Consortium GRIV (RATIO-SPIE BATIGNOLLES, BATIMENTS ET TRAVAUX PUBLICS) construction of La Vueltosa Dam to CADAFE, in the Uribante - Caparo System(Dam height = 130 metros, nenbankment volume = 17 millones de M3)
Repair of 47 tanks (building by another companies) to reach 139.170 M3 of storage